Spring Update!

update flowers 2 final

Hello all! I am sorry I have been gone for a while. I’m a college student and things got very stressful for a while. Winter quarter was not my best quarter. However, I am back to the blog and I’m trying out new things!

  • I have decided to stop rating my book reviews. I am really bad at accurately rating things because I want to give everything a good grade. Going back and looking I’ve realized I gave a lot of books much higher ratings than I should have. Now I’m not going to rate them, I’m just going to tell you what I honestly think about them. The last review I posted was written that way, and the future ones I am working on are as well.
  • I have been reading a lot of really interesting books for school and I think I am going to start a new segment reviewing specifically what I read for my school classes. Not textbooks really, but the more interesting books I was assigned throughout my classes. I won’t talk about them all (because some are real boring and not something I want to write about), but I’ll highlight the key ones that really make important points or I learned a lot from.
  • I want to work on my blog in general and make it even better for you all. I’m not totally sure what is to come, but there will hopefully be some changes throughout the year to make it even more fun!

So that being said, I just wanted to let you all know I am working on things and have many more plans for this blog. I know there aren’t many of you even reading, but I want to keep you updated!

Sweet Daydreams,



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